Saturday, April 7, 2018


As early as the year 1954, leaders from European countries and the United States have been meeting under the name “Bilderberg” to reportedly "bolster a consensus around free market Western capitalism and its interests around the globe."  Central to the Bilderberg meeting on May 24 – 27, 2001, however, the group unveiled a master plan for World War III.

It was at this meeting that the Agarthans appeared and warned the Bilderbergs that, should they continue with plans for their proposed nuclear destruction, the Agarthans would block them in a show of technology, which would demonstrate just how elementary the world’s current nuclear weapons are in the larger picture.

The Agarthans message was clear: They would not allow humankind to destroy itself using nuclear weapons which would have an impact on the health and wellbeing of planet Earth for generations to come. If we want to destroy ourselves, they would gladly get on board with such a plan and would willingly do it for us without creating planetary havoc.

September 11, 2001 was set as the date for the Agarthans to demonstrate their advance technology at precisely 8:43 am EST. New York’s WTC Twin Towers would be the arena.

World elitists, not knowing exactly what the Agarthan show of force would look like, prepared to cloak whatever it was with a “false flag” event, which would allow the United State to declare endless war against the elusive enemy of terrorism. The USA and its cronies (UK and Saudi Arabia) created the fictitious Osama bin Laden story replete with Project Blue Beam holograms of airplanes hitting the twin towers at the precise hour and arranged for a practice drill of collaborative events to accompany the time frame.


I AM Yohiel.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I AM Yohiel.

As a member of the Celestial Council of Divine Natural Order Federated Realms and Dimensions (CCDNOFRD), and as a Reptilian Dragonian (Seraphim) Adviser Recorder in this life as a human, attending on a regular basis the orderly, peaceable, unconditional love frequencies, vibrations, and resonance we are all about, and sending out -- primarily for your shared planet home to assist Gaia Earth Mother's surface world, in conjunction with Agartha, Mother's within world, in Her latest "Expansion Event" -- I share the following

What is still not realized by all too many of humanity is that you are so locked up in your own destruction scenarios that the imaginings being labeled as "Alien intervention," "abductions," "invasions," "other worlds / realms / dimensions warring against one another" and the like are just not so. What you as humanity are doing is rippling and co-creating judgments, judgments which enslave you into truly believing that the ways of humanity are the ways of all that is. This is not so.

You as humanity have allowed yourselves to conceive and practice horrific doings unto yourselves and most other life forms on the shared planet home you believe to be yours to do with as you please -- even though it is not. Like the dualistic "God" you have created to follow under the name of "relgion" is full of vengeance, judgment, and loves to destroy in the name of love all that do not adhere to "His" way because they are evil and unworthy, so too do you as humanity behave in the world you keep co-creating with more horrific scenarios to yet be played out in manifesting.

It is in these, and only these instances that our intervention comes into play. We will not interfere with your awakening (or lack of same). We will, however, not let you destroy what you wrongfully believe to be yours. We are here at Gaia Earth and Agartha Mother World's request to assist Her glorious sentient essence through this "Expansion Event" now in cycle, a cycle that we assist Mother with about ever 265,000 years.

So believe, if you choose, in the channelings from here and there supposedly from the Pleiadians, Sirusians, the Ascended Masters, Matthew, Archangel Michael, the Angels, and all the others. These channelings are consisstantly missing the mark of their own prophetic sayings. Understand that the future is malleable, not set in stone. It cannot be predicted, and we Greys, Reptilians, and all the other demonized groupings of these Celestial Councils are not evil. We are all, in fact, your benefactors, your originators, and your ancestors.

Continued Awakenings upon you all, and the Unconditional Love Frequency Vibration Resonance of DNO Be!

I AM Yohiel.

Friday, April 1, 2016


I Am Yohiel.

How fascinating that science is truly getting to the point of what some of us have known within already! The musings of so-called "scientific inquires" are truly puzzling to the scientific community. What they bear witness to should not be -- yet, here it is. Based on theoretical possibilities of science's and technology's 21st century quantum cosmology of physics, and on all the unknowns being attached to them through their discoveries, it is folly for us who know to see science finding itself in its own version of the proverbial "falling down the rabbit hole." Indeed, science is now on course to "awakening" unto itself.

 In an article at, IFLSCIENCE shares the awe-inspiring quest that science speculates upon while reawakening to its unexpectedly new environment. Science is not yet aware that its relationship with its new discoveries -- and with the scientific empirical process it shares with us -- is the reason for its confusion.

I Am Yohiel.

The article at suggests that science is in uncharted and unexplored celestial waters of Divine Natural Order (DNO). What it fails to acknowledge is that "dark matter," "anti-matter" and "original matter" are one in the same regarding what they represent in the 3D reality, a reality which is in fact not reality at all.

So-called "reality" is an illusion, a refection unto itself. Dark matter is the 99.9999...% of invisible yet detectable electromagnetic energy, its reflection being a within expression of experiences, its own internal process. Through this process, the ever-expanding torus, which also internalizes ever more deeply as electromagnetic cosmic breathing, experiences its own sentient consciousness. This sentient consciousness is a heart-mind thought with an awareness of its own Beloved I AM Presence.

The heart-mind thought is indeed one and the same as electromagnetic energy essence within and surrounding all that is life. This is spiritually referred to as "Holy Spirit," the whole of the essence for Divine Natural Order (DNO). It is the "image and likeness" of "All That IS, which is all We ARE." The whole of existence is in and of itself a breath, as in "the breath of life."

By way of example, each singular breath we take as humans is in and of itself a 4-step process. Dark matter is the same invisible yet observable essence , as the 4-step breath, flowing through every atom within "Life Itself." As humanity, it constantly flows through us. It is the same as that which flows through all Life, anywhere, everywhere, anyone, and everyone as the 99.9999...% of empty space.

The subject article addresses the quantum dynamic of physics as well as the seemingly infinite cosmological sciences. It gives no answers, only theoretical hypotheses, which incorporate mention of multi-universe (multiverse) black hole portals. Dark matter, however, infinitely loops about Itself and co-creates the “image and likeness” of Itself as Its "dream vision," our perceived 3D reality. More to the point, this reality is only the mirror-reversed, "through the looking glass" illusion of Itself.

The fact is this same essence co-creates the multiplex "torus" as its 3D paradigm illusion, which humanity believes to be its reality. This is the same essence co-created throughout the universe as an ever-expanding multiverse model, as infinite in Its macrocosm as it is in Its microcosmic 3D paradigms. The life force within and surrounding the torus is the expressed experience of the 99.9999...% empty space. This is evidenced by the ability it has to perceive its parts as being individual and separate from the whole. All life within and surrounding It proceeds to fill it in with its own conceptualized belief system. Filling in the space, ‘Life' within It and surrounding It, in all Its variations, is expressed as an inner relationship that is lived as a singular entity (ex., atoms, cells, you, me, multi-universe super structures, etc..)

Within this relationship called "life," a sentient life-form conceptualizes its perceived, co-created reality. Hence, life becomes an environment, in which to express itself and to be aware of itself and the possibilities of various life-forms. Humanity, one such life form, is easily swayed by science, religion and philosophy to believe that this is its entire reality, but it is not.

More to be revealed. Much more...!

Blessings to All! "Believe Too Behold!"

I Am Yohiel.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


I Am Yohiel.

90 to 95% of the general populace believe that we can eliminate war, hatred, aggression, segregation, and extremists of all kinds by continuing to co-create the very things we say we want to eliminate. People are brainwashed to hate, to kill and to be hated and killed for the monetary profits of a global war industry. Meanwhile, war, hatred, aggression and such can produce only the very same -- or worse -- results that we say we are intending to change.

This, my friends, is the definition of insanity. Killing for peace is like f*cking for virginity. It is absolute nonsense.

Humanity is on the verge of oblivion if it continues its insanity towards its fellow species, its family. Like it or not, "humanity" is "family." This is an inconvenient truth for nearly the whole of humankind, the very reason the insanity prevails.

As a human species, we are capable of so much more than war and hatred. In this earth realm, humanity is also able to manifest "on Earth as it is in Heaven."

How we perceive ourselves in our relationship within ourselves co-creates the environment we perceive as "the world." ("As within, so without.") Even though we perceive the world as seeming to be outside ourselves, IT IS NOT. 

This is to invite you -- to invite all -- to choose to embody PEACE, peacefully, fearlessly, through unconditional love. Let us start to change the very fabric of our being; so that we can embrace the unknown without fear, doubt and criticism. This, by osmosis, by example, will ripple out to touch others and will change the frequency, vibration and resonance of what is now a "kill for peace" mentality, a continuation of our co-created insanity.

I Am Yohiel, and I choose to embody PEACE peacefully, fearlessly.

CHOOSE to embody PEACE

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Question: In light of the recent attack in Paris, what do you think France should do -- in "PRACTICAL” terms, not in “ESOTERIC” terms?        

Answer: I Am Yohiel.

As long as we think like revengeful beings, we will produce revengeful beings. For every one person killed, at least one new enemy is generated.

No matter what our personal beliefs and/or opinions may be, we all have loved ones -- ones whom we love. Loved ones who are killed will, and do, produce bitter fruits. This is evidenced throughout human history and is the insanity of humankind, the reason we still see, partake in, and co-create the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

The choice is clear. Choosing another way to deal with loss is the only sane way to stop the insanity we perpetrate upon one another presently. Call it ESOTERIC, if you will, in contrast to what we choose to keep practicing. But – like it or not --  the current version of PRACTICAL, if that’s what you choose to call it, has never worked for the greatest good of the whole of the human family that we all are.

This is humanity's inconvenient truth. We will surely perish as a race of beings if we continue to do what we've done before.

At the moment, we are faced with a choice between OBLIVION or PARADISE. This is what we need to understand. Within this understanding, we must abandon the perverted, co-created, insane concept humankind has bought into as “normal” and put down our weapons while standing our ground as the fearless Divine Essence Beings we truly are. This is how we change, and what we do to stop humanity’s collective insanity.

As long as humankind sees itself as separated instead of seeing itself as a family sharing a planetary home, we might as well be done with it and end it all by killing everyone because of our differences. Without any human beings on it, Earth will become a perfect paradise once again. Unless and until humanity awakens to this fact, true Divine Consciousness will not manifest.

I Am Yohiel.

Mother World is a living, sentient being. As humanity, we share this world with all other life upon Her and within Her. Humankind is capable of so much more than this bloodthirsty, “kill-all-who-are-different-from-us” perversion of itself.

Awaken Humanity!

All over the globe, we are all witnessing Mother World’s 265,000-year cycle-ending “Expansion Event,” There is still time before the crescendo of this event is concluded to align with the Unconditional Love frequency vibration and resonance of Mother Earth Gaia.

These inhuman, perverted, self-inflicted hate crimes and the willingness to retaliate and escalate these acts of hatred towards one another will be humanity’s undoing and -- quite possibly -- homo-sapiens’ extinction. No need for alien invasions, demonic forces, angelic forces, God and/or anything and/or anyone else! Humanity seems quite willing to do this unto itself. Keep these insane co-creative concepts alive, and humanity as a species will succeed.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I Am Yohiel.

With the recent scientific release regarding the Antarctic Sea ice sheet having grown to a 35-year high density, and in light of the ongoing declassification of the whole Antarctica region -- particularly that around the South Pole area of glacier
cliffs and ice pack --there has been, and there continues to be, much speculation. Some interesting theories as to what this all means have been proposed along with a wealth of misguiding, supposedly “channeled” messages from Matthew, the Pleiadians, the Acturians, the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, all of them (See:

As Yohiel, I am personally aware of this phenomena. Having been invited to these areas on numerous occasions, over the course of some decades, I have been given information to share. This information, with regards to what is truly happening, is for humanity to understand, to awaken to, and to remember through its cellular memory. Those who are helping Mother Earth Gaia's surface realm -- along with those helping Argartha, Mother Earth's within realm -- are here to manifest a new Earth, as it were, "on Earth as it is in Heaven." 

(See and

Antarctic Sea Ice 

The inconvenient truth that has scientists questioning this new, record-setting ice pack's size -- an ice pack that, due to what your human scientists call "Global Warming," was drastically supposedly diminishing and, for some decades and as recently as 4 years ago, was said to be causing an alarming rise in the water levels of the planet’s oceans and seas -- is the fact that, like all glacial ice pack, this record-setting ice pack is composed of fresh water.

Where Did the Fresh Water Come From?

Scientists and New Age channels of the day were all on board with doom, gloom and misinformation about the reality of what was taking place. These two groups – from vastly different perspectives – discredited any and all who pointed out the inconsistencies in their information as flawed and untrue. 

Here now are the answers -- not mere theory or speculations -- as to where the fresh water of this new ice pack came from, and why it is manifesting at this point in Mother World’s history (i.e., “Herstory”).

Expansion Events

Mother World is a cyclical system, and She is sentient; She is aware of Herself and knows that She is a conscious being. Mother goes through various stages of change brought about by growth, i.e., "Expansion Events."

Much as these events are for Mother World to cleanse, recycle, and grow, they are likewise for humanity, which shares this planet as Home World. Like Mother World, human beings change physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually every 7 years. Expansion Events are the world’s way of growing.

Expansion Timeline

Expansion Events of this nature take place approximately every 265 years, every 2,650 years, every 26,500 years, every 265,000 years, and every 2,650,000 years. Mother World is in one of Her 265,000 year cycles. This cycle is ushering in changes that are necessary for Her expansion to complete itself. 

The principal event of the subject cycle struck at 4:35 am on September 4, 2010.
The earthquake’s epicenter was located some 25 miles (40 km) west of   
Christchurch, New Zealand near the town of Darfield. The focus was located about 6 miles (10 km) beneath the surface. It was caused by right-lateral movement along a previously unknown, regional, strike-slip fault in the western section of the Canterbury Plains. 

The fault appeared about 50 to 56 miles (80 to 90 km) southeast of the boundary between the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates. The whole of Earth’s surface realm tectonic plates separated, expanded, and shifted 55 feet (17 m) globally. That represented the first phase of Mother World’s Expansion Event.

What this means as well is that the Agartha, Mother Earth Gaia's within realm, also expanded. In fact, 10 years ago, scientists were telling humanity that the earth’s core, which people are still being taught is magma, was expanding. Satellites in space were recording steady and unusual 185 - 201F (85 to 94C) degree temperature fluctuations at both the North and South Poles along with increased aurora borealis activity as though flared vapors were coming from within an opening in the Poles’ centers. Yet, after this information was shared initially with the public, it was changed (as usual) for the general population globally.

As Within, So Without

What was, and what is taking place on the surface realm is being triggered by what is happening in Agartha, Mother Earth Gaia's within realm. As the heart of Mother World, Agartha’s Central Sun Magnet, a plasmic, electromagnetic, Dyson's Sphere, rotates faster and faster within Agartha's sky, it creates a vortex, a void in which to expand. This sets in motion a chain of expansion events upon Agarthian oceans and land masses.

These gigantic riffs, cracks and shifts within the inner skin of the Agarthian crust push upwards and outwards. This effects the 45-mile deep fresh water orb ocean that is contained throughout the crusts of both realms -- except at the North and South Pole entry/exit portal holes. This oceanic orb acts as the inner, liquefied life source, the one main artery, with its secondary veins and lesser capillary connectors between Agartha's inner surface and Earth's outer surface.

Each crust layer surrounding the main orb ocean is equally separated by 27 miles. The entirety of the Mother Worlds crust is approximately 99 miles in thickness from Earth Gaia's surface ocean bottom to Agartha's ocean bottom. Calculated from the bottoms of both Agartha's tectonic ocean plates within and the surface world’s outer ocean bottom tectonic plates, these are average yet accurate dimensional measurements.

New Earth and the New Heavens

These riffs, cracks, and shifts, along with the Earth's equator spinning faster and the venting of fresh orb ocean waters at the Antarctica South pole region are to supply fresh water to the new continent formations that will occur as Mother World's Expansion Event crescendos within this decade or, at latest, within the first couple years into the next.

To assist in the polar shift axis flip, the Arctic North Pole is diminishing through the North portal entry/exit to Agartha. This Expansion Even is to create “the New Earth and the New Heavens" prophesied in so many of your human mythologies, which you refer to as religion and/or philosophy.

What all this means is that soon Mother World -- with a little help from Her terrestrial and celestial friends -- will be transformed as Her purposed vision inspired, Her Divine Eternal Being set out to be, the fulfillment of Her own Dream Vision "on Earth as it is in Heaven."

Stay Tuned

In my next post, I will share more of what is being kept from humanity’s general populace and the reasons behind this intentional global cover-up.

Great Spirit blessings!

© Muaisa Hale Pule, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I am Yohiel. 

Here is an insight into the now global phenomena being calling "A Second Sun Approaching Earth." The "second sun" is a Guardian Celestial Federation Council Sentient Dyson's Sphere. 

These morphing Home World Motherships are the size of a star as large as Mother Earth Gaia's sun, possibly larger. They make their rounds throughout the "Rainbow Universe," the 3D paradigm, when major transformations through "Expansion Events" are taking place.

This shared Mother world we live upon and within is in its 265,000 year epoch. We, who are now witnessing these events, are in for a wondrous reawakening to our ability to co-create and participate in these co-creations. Mother is "sentient," meaning she is aware that she is, that she exists, and that the Great I Am Is all That IS..

No worries as to what is on its way here! It is for the greatest benefit of the WHOLE and the ONE. It will be as wondrous as it is gorgeous, and as gorgeous as it is glorious.

"On Earth as it is in Heaven" is coming! Rejoice!

© Muaisa Hale Pule, 2015